Improved mix of the track ‘Holiday 76’ can be found here! Click on the picture to the left.

09 - French Lessons - Holiday '76 24-08-19.mp3

This track is from the new ‘French Lessons’ CD entitled ‘Sunday Morning Drivers’, out soon with all profits going to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND Assoc). It’s entered in the HOFA song contest.

This song is about the long hot summer of ‘76. Holidaymakers of all ages converge on seaside towns such as Southend in the south of the UK, some down for the day getting road-raged on the way, others staying in B&Bs or in Butlins Holiday Camp chalets where they hope to get lucky!

Rough kids going home with ‘a red nose from sun, beer and fights’, hippies boogieing on the beach in Cornwall.

The track starts quietly and builds to a crescendo. Listen out for the marching band at the end and see if you can spot the ‘homage’ to The Beatles ;-)

Listen on headphones or good quality speakers if possible. There’s a lot going on.

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Many thanks!

Richard, Ian and Martin