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Dr David Turner & Trish Abey’s Voice Banking information page

For more information about MND/ALS and voice banking, please visit the website for the

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You can also contact Richard Cave of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, directly at :


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Model Talker’s website can be found here

CereVoiceMe can be found at CereProc’s website here

Voice Banking is the process of creating an electronic version of your own voice that can be used in the event that you lose the power of speech (through MND, MS or stroke) but can still operate a keyboard or other device (head-pointer, eye-gaze system) to communicate. The text you create can be ‘spoken’ using your own voice. Trish is keen that people in her situation should be made aware of the vital importance of ‘banking’ their voice early as she herself left it almost too late.