“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

I remember now - it was a dream, just a dream…..

cassettes, discos, light-shows, dodgy haircuts, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, smoky pubs, three-day weeks, half-day closing, football on Saturday afternoon, Craven Cottage by the river, The Sweeney, Staines Linoleum, strikes, The GLC, power cuts, Green Goddesses, electric blankets, Goblin Teasmaids, G-Plan furniture and teak, diesel locos, motorways and Spaghetti Junction, Mark II Cortinas, Honda 50 mopeds, Mini Clubmans, VC-10s, Concorde, foreign holidays, The European Economic Community (EEC), pools coupons and collectors, Fine Fare supermarkets, instant potato, Vesta meals, Blue Nun, Boots home wine-making kits, colour TV (625 lines), Capital Radio, Radio 1, bingo, Watney’s Red Barrel, Party Seven, ten-pin bowling, Brut, Hai Karate, flower power, kaftans, Afghan coats, smocks, cheesecloth, MASH, beads and macramé, Laura Ashley, tinted glasses, Biba, Gitanes, lentils, muesli, nut roasts, fondue parties, Access credit cards, UFOs, Asimov and Von Daniken, Doc Martens, Ben Sherman, Crombies, perms, mainframe computers, punched cards, tights and hot pants, the pill, decimal currency, sectarian violence, The Cod War, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, moustaches, platform shoes, Liebfraumilch, Abigail’s Party, flared trousers, A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather, Pot Black, kipper ties, Catch 22, Happy Days, Mastermind and the new Open University, Watergate, Vietnam, H-Bomb tests, The Space Programme, CND and Aldermaston, The Old Grey Whistle Test


Hover about to get a feel of the times!

…..or was  it?

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