“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

1) Six o’clock in the morning (03:42)

2) SuperNature (04:59)

3) In your eyes (05:54)

4) Standin’ in the rain (05:27)

5) A stop in time (aka Schmaltz) (04:10)

6) Telephone love (05:23)

7) Last sale day (5lbs of bananas) (02:35)

8) Good time girl (03:47)

9) French Lessons (03:21)

10) The Ca$hier$’ Ball (07:00)

French Lessons - A Stop In Time

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The Songs

Music recorded, mixed and mastered at Golden Riddy Music, Leighton Buzzard, email : info@frenchlessons77.com

Tracks 1,3-10 composed by Ian.   Track 2 composed by Martin.    All songs arranged by French Lessons, production by Martin and Richard, engineered by Richard.

The introduction to ‘Good time girl’ (‘I remember now…’) was imported from sessions recorded by Nigel King at Windrush Studios, Bourton-on-the-Water in February 1978 and given Radiophonic treatment by Richard.

Dave Gillbe played the solo bass line introduction to ‘Standin’ in the rain’ which was extracted from the Staines Live Concert recorded in 1979. Ian’s surprised cry, variously claimed to be ‘Old on’, or ‘Oldham’ (!) was taken from the same concert.

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