“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

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Known browser bugs

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There are a number of known browser bugs - not all browsers work the same!

Golden Riddy Music

I am aware that this website is optimised for PC/Mac viewing, not for tablets or smart phones, so for example ‘swiping’ doesn’t work and I know that drop-down menus aren’t really supported either. However, I’ve tried to make it useable by providing a ‘Next’ button which should take you through the website page by page, reasonably logically! There are some pages (which require a hovering mouse) which won’t make much sense on a tablet, I’m afraid.

It is built using Serif WebPlus X6, which is pretty neat generally. However, some features it uses do not always work on all browsers.

The best browser appears to be :


This displays the website correctly and all the features work OK

Next best :



Internet Explorer

These display more or less correctly, but some features do not work, e.g. The Facebook plugin on the Curvy Love Dogz page and the currency converter on the Download page may not function. Explorer shifts the whole website to the left, for some reason, but otherwise works reasonably well, although the spacing is a bit unreliable. The audio works in all three.

Try to avoid :


Displays OK, but the guestbook is inaccessible and the audio tracks may not play, however the Facebook plugin works OK

Definitely avoid :

Opera Mini on tablets. This garbles the website fairly comprehensively. Use a Firefox app instead.

If you find any other problems, please let me know at :  richard@frenchlessons77.com (or richard.gleave@yahoo.co.uk)


Richard, July 2013