“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Blue-Berries memorabilia - part 3/12


When we supported Van Morrison with ‘Them’. He seemed quite a miserable so-and-so even then! Peter Bardens was on keyboards - very nice guy. Their roadies did their best to kill the guitarist with improvised wiring and our plugs. Bang!

We had a fan club too. Not sure if that ‘special meeting with the boys’ ever took place, or the dance for ‘members only’, either. Fortunately I don’t think the Trades Descriptions Act existed then.

I wonder if any of the ‘inscribed biros’ still exists? I don’t think I ever got one.

Does anyone have a copy of Newsletter No. 2? Did it ever appear? Will we ever remember?

UPDATE - Ruth Cox doesn’t think it ever did. Apologies to all our fans - this website will have to suffice!

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