“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Richard Gleave’s other bands 1970s-present day

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This page will eventually list all Richard’s bands from the 70’s to the present day.

Several old demos and other rehearsal tapes have materialised. These will digitised and placed in the next few pages for posterity, or whatever!


1975-1977 Blazer 1 and 2

1982-1983  Altitude

1983-1986  Boogie Brothers

1987-1994  New Acme Folk Band

1988-1998  Watling’s Treat

1993-2016  The Concrete Cowboys

1993-2005  Memphis Plates

1998-2004  Penda’s Fen

1994-2002  Junk and Disorderly

1999-2016   Calamity’s Fling

2005-2016  The Curvy Love Dogz

1976-1977  The Intermittent Folk Band


1977 Blazer 3 - recordings by Alex Lawrence

2004-2009  The Spreadeagles

2007-2016  Unit Six

Current Bands

2003-2008  Thunderflies

1980-1982  Pumping Up The Spare

1998-2016    Unlikely Brothers

1974  The Richard Higgins Band