“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Blue-Berries memorabilia - part 6/12

You would think we were very devout, judging by the number of times we played for St. James’ church events, but it was mainly because they let us rehearse there for nothing!


We were thrilled to see our name up there with The Spencer Davis Group, who were very ‘hot’ at the time and about to get hotter!

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Weird coincidence!!

Richard G’s long time friend and ex-work colleague, Steve Meadows (whose father was Lord Mayor of Brum in the mid 60s) was at school with Steve and Muff Winwood and was a close friend of theirs at that time. He often went with them to their early gigs, but I guess Clacton was too far to go, or I might have met him 10 years earlier!