“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Six o’ clock in the morning: A Dawn Chorus ….. The angst of relationships and how they always kept me awake at night.

SuperNature: The country calling …… Was about the perils of a Laleham country boy confined to a London office environment who escaped temporarily on a Sunday morning.

In your Eyes: To the sound of cicadas ….. but really about inspiration from my days as a cashier at Barclays Bank at Hounslow West and a girl who finally went back to her boyfriend.

Standin’ in the Rain: Cortina commuting ….. I drove home from work during the winter in the dark in my unreliable Mark II Cortina, through Hounslow and Bedfont to home in Ashford. Did I ever stop for the girl in the rain? No I didn’t!

A Stop in Time: Collecting cups in a sad cafe ….. Inspired by my love of jazz chords, major sevenths, minor Ninths, diminished etc. My aim was to use as many chords as possible without disrupting the “flow”. I would like to say that the lyrics had a deep meaning, but they don’t!

Telephone Love: Trim-phone trill ….. This is a memory from my second ever job at Greenham Electric. I was regularly in contact with a girl working for Thorn Lighting in, I think, Enfield . Our conversations were littered with innuendo; Sadly, we never met.

Last Sale Day: Five pounds of bananas–that’s the answer ….. A light-hearted throwaway song, in memory of the market outside Staines town hall and Johnson and Clark’s department store where I would go with Mum, Dad and my sister Liz to have breakfast on a Saturday morning. It also gave me the chance to give Fulham a mention, as both Martin and I have supported and followed Fulham FC since the sixties.

Good Time Girl: I remember now ….. This was a light-hearted song with a mix of pop and a dash of reggae. The original cost of drinks was fifty pence which I raised to ninety pence to account for inflation! I hated discos, but in the seventies that was the best place to meet girls; not that my mates and I met many on a Saturday night.

French Lessons: Classroom chaos ….. The memories of ACGS, where in my early years the teachers wore mortar boards and gowns, Latin was compulsory and we had to wear school caps and carry our books in a briefcase. In the later years, the 60's revolution kicked in; the boys had long hair and bell-bottom trousers and the girls wore short skirts and white blouses with the top buttons undone. Also (d’accord), it was the inspiration for the band’s name.

The Ca$hier$’ Ball: Cashier number one please ….. This was a summary of “emotional” days in banking, surrounded by some wonderful women. It comprises a maelstrom of different chords and tempo changes to depict my mixed emotions and the horrors of cashing up at the end of a day.


Songs about time, rain, coffee and love

Inspired by the Sixties and written in the Seventies

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