“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

The Blue-Berries   Richard Higgins’s memories (3/4)

Richard H’s memories (continued)

There are other "snatches" of memories. Day-glow triangle stickers on the satchels of the younger pupils. "Jake" the physics teacher inviting a "Blueberry" to take the lead role in an experiment on identifying the modes of a vibrating string. Sixth Form school Christmas parties - always being asked to turn the volume down.

No doubt we emerged at a good time - with not a lot of local competition. I like to think we were pretty competent at what we did for our particular market - creating up-beat "good time" music, good for dancing to. No one wanted to sit down and listen to a group. I don't imagine that any one really heard what the Beatles sounded like live in those days - they were too busy screaming!!  

It does interest me to speculate on what direction we would have gone in as we "matured" musically. Presumably we would have started performing our own stuff - but in what style??? I like to think we wouldn't have stayed a "covers band" forever!!

I don't think we were likely to ever have been "spotted" by a Music Industry scout in Clacton-on-Sea - we would have had to start gigging in London - and developing an original sound - and writing original songs.

I do wonder what might have become of us all if we had done that.

Richard Higgins, September 2012

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