“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

French Lessons

“Vite, Vite!”


“Et bien!”

Well, it’s half past two in the middle of June

An impressionable lad of fifteen

Loosens his tie and steals a smile

At a girl sitting next to him

Where her blouse doesn’t fit

He can see her white flesh

Cause him to move in his seat

And he hears his name as if far away

A tirade of words cuts the air

“You’re in here boy – for only one reason

Look this way – if you please!

Your French lessons and mine

Don’t - seem to be the same”

Wo Ho Ho – Wo Ho Ho

Well I read a feature about student teachers

Having the time of their lives

Sixth-form nubiles, “diluted” pupils

Looking them straight in the eye

With an undone button

And those innocent eyes

Pinned to the wall like a fly

Jim slips, on Nana’s skins

The schoolman’s starting to fry

A cold shower, with every hour

You can’t keep it up all day!

“Je suis fatigué”

“Et ça - qu’est-ce que c’est?”

“Je suis fatigué”

“Et pour demain vous apprenez la leçon - - George, ne fais pas ca” ……

(Ian: acoustic guitar, lead vocal. Richard: electric and acoustic guitars, VST brass. Martin: piano, synth brass, bass guitar, harmony vocal. Delia: strict French mistress. Derek: drums)

“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

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