“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Good Time Girl

I remember now                   I remember now…

It was a dream                     it was a dream…

Just a dream                        Just a dream………

I was standin’ one night in one of those trendy discos

Where drinks are 90p a time.        (How much!)

When I caught sight of this little darlin’

Just touching against my arm

Whooah, hey, hey – hey, hey, Whooah, Oh, Oh, Oh

Well I looked, and I looked away,

Never know just what to say

So I turned and smiled and I took her hand

And we danced the night away

But I felt real, real good, and I felt real, real fine

So later on while her eyes were shinin’

I made that little girl mine     (or so I thought!)

Well she told me later she had a lover

Said she had a boyfriend too

There was the man next door and her boss at work

I came about sixth in line     (or was it seventh!)

Well that started me on thinkin’

Just what a fool I was

Well I could get hurt, I would probably get burnt

I was playing around with fire

But I felt real, real good, and I felt real, real fine

So once a week I meet her at a disco

And we have a good time

But I felt real, real good, Anna felt real, real fine

Yes I felt – real good, real fine

Whooah – real good, real fine

Oh, oh, oh hey, hey, hey

Whooah hey, hey, hey Oh, Oh, Oh

(Ian: acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, lead vocal, harmony vocal. Richard: electric guitars, harmony vocal, VST choir. Martin: piano, Rhodes-73 piano (1977), organ, synth brass, bass guitar, finger-picked acoustic guitar, harmony vocal, tambourine. Derek: drums)

90 pence - outrageous!

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