“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

Standin’ in the Rain     

I’m driving home from work, the time’s approaching six

I’ve got my cassette playing loud, to overcome the clicks       of those

Windscreen wipers and the heater blowing hot

This is the first time I’ve got the car in top

I’m just approaching thirty when I see her at her stop

Knee length boots and woollen scarf

Her coated arms are crossed

I turn my head, to look at her

She sees and looks away

I try to think the words I’d use to make her ease her mind

I start to slow down, but see the lights behind

I put the pedal down, I think – maybe next time

I leave her standin’ in the rain, standin’ in the rain

I’m running down the gears as I come up to the lights

Still looking in my mirror, well she’s only just in sight

The engine starts to judder and then cuts out

I try again to start her, but she just lets out a growl

I try and try without no luck to start her up again

I’m causing quite a tailback, I’m holding up one lane

I step out from the car into the pouring rain

The wind blows shut the door, my keys are still inside

Her bus that she was waiting for, slowly passes by

I turn my head to look at her, she gives the faintest smile

And sees me standin’ in the rain, standin’ in the rain

I’m just standing in the rain

‘HOLD ON’ …………(Oldham??)

(Ian: acoustic guitar, lead vocal. Richard: electric guitars, harmony vocal. Martin: piano, synth pad, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, harmony vocal, shaker. Dave Gillbe: bass guitar intro (1979). Derek: drums. Diane: rain stick.)

“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

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