“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

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Recent website updates 2014-2019

This page logs website changes

Golden Riddy Music


12-01-14 General updates

11-04-14 General updates, plus addition of Richard Higgins 1974 ‘The Clacton Tapes’,

original studio recordings restored 2014. Some new ‘Blue-Berries’ memorabilia added.

03-07-14 General updates (gig lists etc.)


27-11-15 Trish Abey’s page added


01-01-16 - 03-02-16  Further updates to Home Page and Trish’s site

09-11-16  Major revision and update to Trish’s site, to include digital downloads of certain tracks from her album.

11-11-16   Major revision to repair damage done by moving to latest version of Serif WebPlus!

                Opportunity taken to update some information, esp. Gig-lists.


March 2018 to March 2019  Various updates to Home page and Trish’s pages