“Une Pause Dans Le Temps”

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Website updates 2013

This page logs website changes

12th July

1st July

29th June

25th June

25th March


Golden Riddy Music

Home page changed. This log page added.

Revised mp3 files added to ‘Blazer’ page.

Revised 70s demo mp3 tracks added to French Lessons 70s demo page.

Richard’s biog changed.

‘Intermittent Folk Band’ page added, includes mp3s of ‘When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease’,

‘Keep It To Yourself’ and Tony’s instrumental.

‘Richard’s other bands’ page changed.

‘Blazer 3’ page added, includes mp3s of Alex Lawrence’s songs ‘All That Matters’, ‘Livin’ In The City’

and ‘Early Mornin’’.

Gig lists updated for Richard, Martin and Derek.

Martin’s biog changed.

All navigation bars improved and rationalised for the ‘Blue-Berries’ pages.

Malcolm Jones memorial page added, includes mp3s of several of his songs.

Mystery Visitors’ page added.

Guestbook added.

Download page changed. Includes facility to download high and low-resolution ‘French Lessons’

CD booklets.


15th July               Website Tour page added. Gig lists updated and some YouTube videos added, plus a Facebook feed for the                                Curvy Love Dogz.

17th July               Known browser bugs page added and home page changed.

18th July               Home page revamped

19th-23rd   July     Willen donation amount changed. Miscellany section added. Home page updated. New links on Blazer page.

24th July               Better versions of the 70s demos uploaded

27th July              Better versions of Blazer demos uploaded

29th July              Home page changed

3rd Aug                Willen Hospice £500 cheque handover picture added to Home page. Blog updated.

7th /8th /10th Aug      Major Home page revision. Willen handover pages added.

18th Aug             LBO page added

18th Sept            MK News and MK Citizen pages added

1st Oct                Picture of Dave Gillbe with Memphis Plates added

24th Dec            Blog updated, Blue-Berries reunited on CD